News Archive : June, 2004

Durham Pipeline Technology

We’ve recently designed and developed the corporate website for [ilink /work/casestudies/32]Durham Pipeline Technology[/ilink] (DPT). DPT supply innovative technical solutions for pipeline access, inspection and cleaning based on patented bristle tractor technology.

Interactive Learning

We’re currently beta testing a CD-ROM title we’re developing with Newcastle University. The title is aimed at school-leavers looking to study chemistry at degree-level. Although the project is still in progress we thought we’d publish some elements of it in the Bits’n'Bobs area. So if you’re interested in chemistry, interactive learning or brain-teasers, check out [ilink /bitsnbobs/examples/17]Compound Builder[/ilink] and [ilink /bitsnbobs/examples/18]Mensa Puzzles[/ilink].