Wood Fuel Direct

Wood Fuel Direct is a new e-commerce website we’ve launched. Featuring a flexible and modern CMS and a user-friendly responsive front-end, the website allows Wood Fuel Direct to promote and sell their range of renewable wood fuel products, such as Hotties Heat logs, Mini Heatlogs, or Barbies BBQ briquettes. Visit

Talent Manager

We’ve worked with DV Talent since the inception of The Talent Manager in 2010 so it was a privilege to be involved in the launch of version 2. Since 2010 the website has grown to nearly 40,000 registered media professionals and includes media companies such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4 on it’s roster. The new version of the website includes an all-new responsive and mobile-friendly user interface and a new backend powered by Laravel. Visit


GemArts is a dynamic arts development organisation based in the North East of England producing high quality concerts, events, festivals, workshops and commissions with regional, national and international artists. To help promote and highlight their events and activities we’ve just created an all-new website for them. The new website features a new design, responsive mobile-friendly layout and is all powered from a brand-new CMS. To learn more about GemArts visit

Jarrow Brewery

In partnership with Lateral Advertising we have recently launched a new website for Jarrow Brewery - an award winning local craft brewery famous for ales such as Rivet Catcher, Swinging Gibbet and McConnell’s Irish Stout. Visit

YESSS Bulb Finder

We’ve been working with YESSS - the country’s leading wholesale electrical supplier - to build a useful ‘Bulb Finder’ tool for the website. The tool takes the hassle away from sifting through YESSS’ large database of products to find the exact bulb you need. Visit