Case Study : Green Collar Academy

The UK Government sees investment in low-carbon infrastructure and skills as vital. It aims to generate income-earning and job-creating opportunities in low-carbon industries and advanced green manufacturing. The Budget 2009 ‘Building Britain’s Future’, set out the principles of this approach and described how it could be implemented. Some very ambitious, binding targets for carbon reduction have been set for the UK.

By investing in low-carbon infrastructure and skills - the so-called ‘Green New Deal’ - it has been estimated that up to 400,000 new ‘green’ jobs could be created in the UK by 2020, while many - if not all - other jobs will require new ‘green’ know-how.

To help service this need we worked with NAC Group to setup Green Collar Academy and Green Collar Employment Solutions - two new services aimed at providing help, advice and expertise for the new ‘Green Economy’.