Case Study : GreatFun2Run

Great Fun2Run brings together an integrated educated and fitness programme from Great2Run and a scientific study conducted by the Institute of Youth Sport at Loughborough University. The project aims at getting the North East region’s 7-11 year olds up and running, and taking part in sport on a regular basis.

The project is based around a space theme to provide a sporting challenge that will be immediately attractive to children. The GreatFun2Run programme works at 3 levels - involving schools, the home environment and summer activity programmes. Reflecting the space themes around which the project is based, children visit 8 ‘planets’ over the course of the programme.

Presence were very helpful, not just in designing and developing GreatFun2Run, but in planning and scoping out the project from the very beginning. Their responsiveness, creativity and friendly attitude also made them a joy to work with.