Case Study : Great2Run

Great2Run is a fully featured training and learning programme delivered on DVD. The programme takes you through a 20-week virtual running route with a Training Zone and a Learning Zone, and the two work together to provide you with the best all-round training support available.

The DVD features personalised training plans and records, theory sessions, and a range of print-outs and assessment activities. The programme starts with an introductory video and a lifestyle self-assessment. Then, working from a simple calculation (the time it takes you to walk, jog or run a mile) you select your chosen distance and the programme recommends a tailor-made set of training plans. You can change these at any time you wish should you want something more or less demanding.

Presence and Lunar were very helpful, not just in designing and developing the DVD, but in planning and scoping out the project from the very beginning. Their responsiveness, creativity and friendly attitude also made them a joy to work with.